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Sterling Sloan
Residing In: saint pete, FL USA
Spouse/Partner: rebecca dean sloan died diabetes age 34 1987
Occupation: christian writer,r.e investor
Children: 0
Military Service: army  
Yes! Attending Reunion

was second from the bottom at graduation.1.3 i think.a misfit,from an old egg.zits stammer,ichibod cranish. a 1,3 gpa. pre special school savant, with a moderate amount of add and autism I discovered..with no interest in "ball" games,western culture dating,not hot rods or duck tails and tight 501,s.anti war soldier,took care if my mother until my died.traveled around the world for most the 70,s.lived with the nomads.captured by the pathet lao as a indiana jones type in 74,escaped.married for 12 years.wife died.owned small landscape firm for 15,switched to investing. to support my novel writing.a trilogy of supernatural mystery true storys.weird, my worsed subject was english,still is.Too much salvadore dali right brain,not enough c.p.a left brain.sorry ,this ,this is not in the high school genre.still a misfit.still love least my zits have retreated.oh yeas about our mounting casualtys.lost a slug of friends relations in to wallow through all those deceased classmates.feels like a slow rapture.and I,m left behind.[ bad rough draft,hah]. Question.was this reunion still have the clichish atmoshere of our school back then. I was thinking about those handicaped,embarrased of thier failures.thier looks.i mean,were all becoming fewer,but hopefully wiser more compassionate.could thier not be a way for the higher achievers of our class to pull in the lesser of us,for our 50th reunion.set up some kind of role model project for our other reunions to emulate.a naive dream hah.some think 1964 was a hinge year,JFK the beatles,leaving some of us culturly skitzo, one foot values in the smugness,apathy of the 50,s,the other foot in 60,s lets not hammock ourselves in our self satisfaction 401k,s pensions.second home.we are all dying.our viet nam will continuefor all 565 of us.let do something great with our class as a group while we can,[yes stupid comments,hah.boy will I ridiculed for these words.

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this sterling sloan just now hearing of his passing, leaves me with a sense of the surreal,yet a closness to dwayne only now some 4 years beyond his passing.i knew him little then and i was pretty much a loner then of al classmates i e-mailed me a short light humored compasionate messeage the message is as though he callees out from beyond. "come on get reinvolved. classmates,your right Im sorry, not fair to pegeonhole some you  back into how we behaved somestime.Some half a century plus ago. I guess more me these forums seemed to be .like platforms like back at berverly parks "show and tell" Look at what i have,what i did.Iguess I just want to get my one book done first something to show what i accomplished too. Immature hah.God bless you al his family.Seems like evert time i hear one passing a tiny piece of myself dies too. even thought i hardly knew them.

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this may be a sensitive subject ,between us, but from 9th grade at cascade through 12th grade at highline was suffered from chronic rejection and lonlyness. however to me Nancy was like part angel part imagined girlfriend. yet my only only contact from her was one 4 word sentence 3 times a year "how are you sterling" Honestly looking back I probably read more into it like many other boys had.but I believe god gives many of us "gifts" to share with others.And loving compassion,acceptance was yours.may god always bless you for how you blessed me.

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