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05/13/21 10:29 AM #1370    


Linda Pompeo (Worden)

I loved going to Fredericks...especially at Christmas when everything was decorated so beautifully. Frangos were such a special treat....only problem is that if you enjoy them too much they stick with you for years!

05/14/21 07:58 AM #1371    


Virginia Wolfe (Scheffer)

It was so fun to go to Frederick's at Christmas. It would be a special trip with the whole family peeking through all the beautifully decorated store windows.  Then the highlight of the evening......Frangos!  Wow, we really lived on the edge.  Cheers!

05/14/21 11:00 AM #1372    


Tim Jones (Jones)

Yes, Fredrick and Nelson and the Bon were magical at Christmas. Frangos were always in our Christmas stockings. One of those special gifts that mom gave at various times of the year. Growing up in the late 50's early sixties seems so idealistic looking back. We Boomers had it pretty good. 

I remember getting my driver's license at 16, doing the test in my dad's big Oldsmobile 98 in White Center. That must have looked comical to the observer.  The licensing agent was very annoyed with me, but passed me, a punk kid. I had been driving my Model 'T' Ford on the streets since I was 12. I remember passing a cop on Sylvester road in the Model 'T' when I was about 14.  I was wearing a 1920's Bowler hat. He looked at me like, what the hell? Didn't stop me, though..... 

I was very immature in various ways, but mechanically inclinded. My older brother, Jim (Highline 60) was extremely curious and a great inspiration to me.  I learned so much from him. School sucked because I didn't start to learn to read until I was in my early teens, so I was always behind in school. Winter/Spring of 1956-57 in public school in Indio, California. Mom needed a dry climate for health reasons.  I loved school there. I really blossomed at 10 - 11 years of age. 

In Indio, there was a boy our age that should have been in our class but had serious health issues. His parents would bring him to school on occasion at recess to spend time with kids his age. Donny had an extreme case of Cerebral Palsy. He was literally skin and bones. Donny had braces on his legs, braces on his arms and a permanent pair of crutches. 

Donny couldn't talk, at least I never heard him speak, but Donny could laugh. We set up a high jump out in the play yard; cross bar 3 to 4 feet off the ground and a bale of hay spread out on the ground to land on.  One by one, my class mates took turns jumping over the high bar. Some made it and some knocked the bar off.  Either way, Donny would laugh and laugh. 

I really grew up that winter of 56-57. After meeting Donny I didn't feel sorry for myself anymore. Came to realize I had it pretty good. The age group, ten, eleven is such an interesting age, at least for males in my opinion.  The eleven year old boy sees the world around him very clearly. Hasn't entered puberty, yet, which will cloud his thinking. The average male won't have that clarity of vision again until he reaches the age of 65 or 70.  That's why Aboriginal cultures have male elders as their Chiefs.  

Good memories..... Youth is wasted on the young!

Picture:  Easter Sunday in Indio, California - 1957    Me on left

05/14/21 01:48 PM #1373    


Gregg Wilson

Frederick & Nelsons was very wonderful at Christmas. Being a little Calvin, I fixated on the Lionel Train rumbling through the white Christmas window. "I wanta train!"

No such luck.

05/17/21 09:54 PM #1374    


Bill Engelhardt

May 17, 1965 -- The FBI decreed that Louie Louie was NOT pornographic.

(Actually, the FBI lab's audio experts declared the lyrics to be officially unintelligible.) 

05/18/21 07:18 AM #1375    


Virginia Wolfe (Scheffer)

Louie, Louie.....did anyone get to see the Wailers perform at the Spanish Castle?  A toss up as to performed it better, the Wailers or the Kingsmen.  Both really fun groups!

05/18/21 03:44 PM #1376    


Ed Hesner

My son, who lives in Florida at the moment, sent me this article a couple days ago about the corona virus "experimental medication". It's a very interesting article, and I thought that some of you who haven't already seen it might be interested in watching it.

05/18/21 04:03 PM #1377    


Bill Engelhardt

05/19/21 10:45 AM #1378    


Patrick Calkins

After serving in the Army (65-67) I worked a Frederick's in Bellvue as a stockman for two years as I finished art school then in 1969 I used to hang out with the Kingsmen and sometimes help move and set up equipment.  Heady days indeed.

05/19/21 11:00 AM #1379    


Virginia Wolfe (Scheffer)

Looking at the lyrics for Louie Louie, it seems as though the inspiration came from Bob Marley...probably smoked the same stuff!  Haha   So who wrote the lyrics?    Patrick, what a neat memory to have worked with the Kingsman 

05/19/21 11:34 AM #1380    

Tom Chavez

Vaccinations and Masks


Some argue against masks. Millions of doctors and nurses have been wearing masks for over 100 years, because they work. Wherever mask-wearing and social distancing have been implemented, the cases of Covid drop.


There are good reasons mothers and school nurses taught us as children not to sneeze or cough on others. We each have the right to decide about our own health, but we do not have the right to put others at risk.


Anti-vaxers emphasize the serious side-effects from vaccinations. Blood clots occur in 1 in every 3 million people vaccinated. Riding in a car carries a much higher risk of dying in an accident. Do anti-vaxers avoid cars and walk instead?


Anti-vaxers say that vaccinations were rushed with unprecedented speed. But unprecedented funding and research have been focused on this effort. The time span to approval was shortened because the research, review, and computer modeling of trial testing were exponentially increased.


There is consideration of personal choice versus social responsibility to help the world get ahead of the Covid curve. As long as Covid has a sufficient host population to infect, it will continue to mutate into more contagious and virulent strains.


If we don’t reach a sufficient level of herd immunity, if Covid continues to mutate using the unvaccinated as a breeding ground, we could see more waves of infection, human suffering, death, and government lockdowns.


The decision whether or not to get vaccinated is a balancing act of risks and benefits. There are strong emotions on both sides. Anti-vaxers have a right to not get vaccinated. But they should respect the rights and concerns of others, by properly wearing masks and social distancing.


05/19/21 02:44 PM #1381    


Bruce Mennella

It is with deep regret, and true personal loss,  that I write to share with you the passing of our 63-64 Student Body President, Bill LePenske.  Bill breathed his last breaths, Tuesday evening, May 11th, comfortably at home, surrounded by his wife, Ginger, and daughters, Ali and Amy.  Bill suffered from COPD, from smoking, along with conplications of Lung and Brain Cancer.  In 2017 he contracted a serious lung infection that had him in a coma, and hospitalized for over a month.  Recovering slowly from that incident, it was discovered that there were cancer spots on his lung, and in his brain. The cancer treatments continued, and arrested the spread of the disease into 2021.  After falling, and breaking a hip early this year, his condition continued to deteriorate, utlimately limiting him to bed rest, as his legs nolonger functioned, and he lost his ability to walk.  He was surrounded with his wife, daughters, grandchildren, and friends during his final days, never loosing his dry whit, and his patented smile.   Date and details for a celebration of life service are being planned, but not yet decided. 



05/19/21 06:20 PM #1382    


Betty Weiks (Rickard)

I'm so sorry to hear about Bill LePenske's passing. He was an outstanding student and a great guy that I remember fondly from Normandy Park Elementary on into middle and high school.  I'm sending my heartfelt condolences to his family and many friends. Praying for you all. Thanks for letting us know, Bruce.

05/20/21 07:48 AM #1383    


Virginia Wolfe (Scheffer)

So sad to read of the struggles Bill had with health issues.  What a brave battle.  May you now Rest in Peace!

05/20/21 12:52 PM #1384    

Theron Wood

I am so sorry to hear about Bill LePenski's passing. We were school mates, friends, and neighbors from grade school, middle school, and highschool. We lost track of each other during college and military years. It was truly a blessing and honor to have known Bill. My heartfelt Condolences to the LePenski family.

05/20/21 02:45 PM #1385    

Paul Simonyi

Sorry to hear about Bills passing.  He was an upstanding individual.  If anyone knows his address to send condolenses to, please send me an e-mail.

05/22/21 01:29 PM #1386    


Gregg Wilson

I rest my case.


05/24/21 12:06 AM #1387    

Tom Chavez

Very sorry to hear about Bill’s suffering. He enjoyed being a popular leader of our class but, like all of us, he was also forced to endure suffering and sorrow. The bell tolls for everyone.


This is a world of perfect laws of cause and effect. By our pious karma we enjoy, and by our selfish karma we suffer. Human intelligence is meant to understand that everything happens for a reason.


All karma, good or bad, is actually bad because it entails birth in a world of disease, old age and death. The most wealthy, intelligent, famous, and powerful persons all suffer, just like us.


Therefore sages advise, don’t create karma either good or bad, and avoid coming back to this material world. 


How to live karma free?


It depends upon intention or consciousness. We can act and aspire for selfish purposes, to please ourselves, or we can act and aspire to please our Creator.


The perfection of spiritual life is to dedicate family, vocation, and life itself to satisfy the Lord, to use everything in service to the Supreme.


If we are conscious that everything belongs to God, and everything should be used for the Lord’s pleasure, we are free of selfish desire to enjoy this world. 


Then the chain of karmic reaction terminates. We no longer aspire for worldly fame, wealth, power or pleasure, and we are no longer forced by karma to accept a material body. 


That is liberation from the cycle of birth and death.

05/24/21 11:59 AM #1388    


Linda Pompeo (Worden)

The Lepenske family lived just down the hill from my folks home.  We all grew up knowing each other from early years.  I remember Bill coming to my 3rd grade birthday party on the back lawn of my folks house and how embarrasing it was when opening presents and someone gave me underwear as a gift.  I don't remember any of the other presents...but that stuck in my memory all of these years. My mom used to always say that we should try and be like Bill's family...well brought up, well spoken and looked up to. Bill carried those qualities throughout the years I knew him.  

My sincere condolences to his family.  I know he was well loved and will be greatly missed.


05/28/21 04:37 PM #1389    

Tom Chavez

A fire may start in the forest just by friction of trees rubbing in the wind. Similarly, friction between countries may start a war that no one wants.

The friction between America and China is increasing. Let's hope it doesn't lead to conflagration.

In China there is a place called Heaven's Gate. To go there is quite a trip. Here are some pictures. 

05/28/21 09:11 PM #1390    


Bill Engelhardt

06/01/21 03:16 PM #1391    

Tom Chavez

Silicon: Is it possible to make a conscious computer?


Federico Faggin designed the first commercial microprocessor, the Intel 4004, and directed the design of all early Intel microprocessors. Faggin started and directed Zilog, Inc., Cygnet Technologies, Inc., and Synaptics Inc. During 2003-2008, He was Chairman of Synaptics and CEO of Foveon, Inc. 


He received the 1988 Marconi Prize, the 1997 Kyoto Prize for Advanced Technology, the 2006 Lifetime Achievement Award from the European Patent Organization, and the 2009 US National Medal of Technology and Innovation.

In 1996, Faggin was inducted into the National Inventor’s Hall of Fame. 



Faggin began to study consciousness while researching artificial neural networks in the 1980s. In 2009 Faggin retired from business to dedicate himself full time to this topic. In 2011 he started the Federico and Elvia Faggin Foundation, committed to the scientific study of consciousness.  


Faggin believes that consciousness and free will are fundamental and non-algorithmic. Quantum information emerges from them, and the quantum-classical physical world emerges from quantum information. Digital computers, as classical, algorithmic systems, can never be conscious, no matter their complexity.


For more, see his autobiography: Silicon: From the invention of the microprocessor to the new science of consciousness.

06/07/21 05:26 PM #1392    


Gary Korsgaard

There are pictures of our new school on the b-town blog which is 85% complete

06/12/21 09:57 PM #1393    


Gregg Wilson

Has anyone ever contacted Volker Nestler?

Apparently he has been very successful both technically and business wise.

Does anyone have his address or whatever communication?

06/13/21 10:56 AM #1394    


Linda Pompeo (Worden)

The Highline High School that we knew is no more.  The replacement is huge!

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