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08/09/17 04:08 PM #255    


Jerry Heiland

Denny with all that nice weather are you getting in alot of golf. Weather hot in AZ. but playing 3 times a week. 

08/09/17 05:25 PM #256    

Tom Dawson

Could it be that, apart of what is being "Trump"ed around the world; that there really is a change in the environment? Or... is it just a cycle within a cycle, within a cycle....? There may be other worlds out there that will support life as we know it, but getting to them is still problematic. Best action is to attend to our own. Dha!!

08/09/17 06:27 PM #257    


Sandra Lewis (Allen)

We broke the record Sunday of most consecutive days of 90 degrees or more, and still going.  Next weekend should be the first one under 100 degrees...although I don't consider 98 much better.  I miss the Seattle weather.

08/09/17 08:42 PM #258    


Gregg Wilson

I was in the air pollution and water pollution business for 45 years. Is the Earth warming? Maybe. However, government scientists have fudged the climate temperature for many years.

The premise is that CO2 causes global warming. The level of CO2 in the atmosphere is about 380 to 400 parts per million. That is nowhere near enough to raise the global temperature.

The CO2 presence in the biosphere is vital for plant growth. If the zealots removed all CO2 from the atmosphere, that would stop all plant growth. But who on Earth needs plants?

08/09/17 09:52 PM #259    


Dennis Morse

I see some of us have joined the FB page, "You know you're from Burien if you remember..."  If you join look up members by name to see their contributions. I have made a few posts myself.  Pretty good page to belong to.

11/05/17 09:37 PM #260    


Gregg Wilson

Each succeeding day I am happier and happier that I moved waaaaaay out in the country.

No crowds, no traffic, no demonstrations, no riots, no mass killings, minimum of guvmint, 8.5 acres of woods and grass, nearest neighbor is 400 feet away, three deer which eat our apples in the orchard

The ultimate luxury is privacy.

12/20/17 01:16 PM #261    


Linda Pompeo (Worden)

Merry Christmas to all, and as we move into 2018 may we be blessed with good friends, good health and a big dose of happiness.

12/21/17 08:06 AM #262    


Virginia Wolfe (Scheffer)

Well said....thank you for the Christmas and New Year Greetings!

12/25/17 02:54 PM #263    


Dennis Morse

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas, Oh wait, I'm not dreaming!  We're having a very rare  white Christmas this year in western Washington. Is it a white Christmas where you are? White sand does not count!


12/26/17 12:45 PM #264    


Linda Pompeo (Worden)

Grandkids were so excited to have a white Christmas at Gramma's house.  Snowball fights and snowmen and frozen fingers and noses were part of the excitement of the day.  It was a nice touch to a wonderful Christmas Day.  


12/26/17 01:31 PM #265    


Jerry Heiland

No snow in AZ.  Played golf and it was 65.

12/26/17 03:49 PM #266    


Jack Fouts

Happy New Year! Wishing health and happiness to all!

12/26/17 06:06 PM #267    


Virginia Wolfe (Scheffer)

Here in Hernando Beach Florida, a balmy 76!  Happy New Year to everyone.

12/27/17 03:27 PM #268    


Ted Comstock (Briggs-Comstock)

Pretty much typical Seattle weather here in East Anglia -- rain, wind and low temps, about 37 or 38F. There's snow in other parts of the UK.

01/03/18 12:50 PM #269    


Linda Pompeo (Worden)

How did you end up so far from Burien?  I looked up East Anglia and it looks like a very nice place to live.  Do you have other family there?

01/04/18 06:42 AM #270    


Ted Comstock (Briggs-Comstock)

East Anglia is very nice, Linda. It's sort of a rural backwater, and doesn't get many people just passing through, since there's no place to pass to! In the late '60s, I met a woman from England (in Suquamish) who was married to a US Air Force guy. We eventually got together and married in '76. When we retired in 2010, we moved to England. 

03/04/18 05:12 PM #271    


Dennis Morse

Highline High is supposed to be demolished after this school year.  I thought the front facade was historically protected.  Does anyone have information about this?


03/05/18 11:15 AM #272    


Ken Becker

Dennis, the architects determined it would cost $15million to save the front facade w/o any guarantees it would actually meet code.  The solution is to tear the whole school down & start fresh. The front facade will be replicated. There were a couple of public meetings with renderings of different facades. In the end, the school will look similar from the front. 

05/23/18 01:40 PM #273    


Dennis Morse


‚ÄčThis is what the new entrnace will look like.  They plan on using the old bricks and other materials to rebuild the entrance.  The rest of the front facade will be similar to the old. Thanks Ken for the other info.




05/27/18 05:15 PM #274    


Linda Pompeo (Worden)

It won't quite be the same, but then nothing is anymore.  We all can talk about the 'good old days' just like our folks did years ago.....and high school was one of the 'good old days' memories for me.

06/01/18 02:21 PM #275    


Linda Pompeo (Worden)

I hear that Mt. Rainier is planning a 5 year reunion.

Has there been any thought for the same at Highline?

06/02/18 04:49 PM #276    

Gary Lindberg

Great idea Linda!!!! Would be good to see everone again!



06/03/18 11:40 PM #277    


Bill Hamilton

Gary and I have talked about having a 55th reunion.  Gary plans to look into a venue for the reunion in the next couple of months.  Will keep you advised.

06/04/18 11:47 AM #278    


Linda Pompeo (Worden)



06/04/18 01:36 PM #279    


Gregg Wilson

Due to my infinite wisdom (stupidity), I deleted my posting. Still looking  forword to any 55 year reunion.

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