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09/14/19 05:53 PM #434    


Gregg Wilson

For those who have tired of my posts, you have allies at the company I worked for. I would rant and rave and write about these various subjects at work. Management decided I had waaaaaaaaaaaaay toooo much free time. They would send me off to China, or Australia, or waaay south of border, up to the Artic Circle, or South Afrika, or Slovakia, etc. However, I got the last laugh when I suddenly retired at age 70.

Or did they?

Anyway, I wrote a book on all these subjects titled "From Gravitons to Galaxies". It is on Amazon for $11.45, or if you do not want to waste your money, you can find it on Google at

I assembled all atoms from hydrogen to nitrogen with color pictures. Also, included are extensive writings on the three pyramids at Giza, Egypt. You will not believe their real purpose.


09/15/19 03:00 PM #435    


Al Peffley

OK Greg, you have peaked my interest about the three large pyramids in Egypt. Inquiring minds are interested in the real reason for those stone structures being built at Giza (the Cliff's Notes version, please.) Thanks.


09/15/19 04:41 PM #436    


Gregg Wilson

Hi Al,

Go to Google; go to; open "From Gravitons to Galaxies"

I wrote these reports in 2001 and 2003.

There was a world wide flood about 14,000 years ago. Not caused by God but a natural event.

09/15/19 04:43 PM #437    


Linda Pompeo (Worden)


And how does anyone know that God did not cause what is called a natural event?


09/15/19 06:48 PM #438    


Gregg Wilson


I am not a believer. I do not belong to any religion. However, based on facts, evidence and reason, I am convinced that there is a God that is pro-life. I do not presume to know anything personal about God. When there have been vast extinctions on Earth, there has been a resurgence of life with new species. Darvin's theory cannot account for that fact. There has to have been an intelligence that put forth the new species on Earth.


The Bible was formulated by the emperor Constatine in about 400 AD. Many books were brought into the Bible but a number were thrown out. This was done by humans.

Some of the books were about Enoch. It is said within those books that God commisioned Enoch to build the Great Pyramid. This was many centuries before the Flood - based on lifespans and many generations as listed in the Bible. Much later it is said that God told Noah to build an Ark. I do not know how factual this is, but it has credence. The Flood story and Ark story are found to be recorded in many ancient cultures. This, in particular, lends credence to the story.

In my book, I describe the pyramids at Giza, Egypt and their purpose. They are, in general, pro human life. Since the pyramids were erected centuries before the Great Flood, it was known that a world wide flood would happen. I have presented a rational cause for a natural flood in my book.

Once again, a God who is pro-life, not anti-life. A God who is bent on destroying human life does not make sense to me.

09/16/19 12:47 PM #439    

Tom Chavez

From Highline via Vietnam to Eternality


In war, it is said, the first casualty is truth. But truth can be found, if we seek it, even in war. After graduating (in oblivious ignorance) from Highline High, I eventually made a conscious decision to accept truth, however unpalatable, in preference to illusion, however comfortable. 


My thoughts inexorably carried me from math and science, in which I was very interested, to poetry and feeling, to which I was quite numb.


According to US Defense Department data, in the ten years from 1961 to 1971 the US Air Force sprayed  and dumped millions of gallons of toxic chemicals on Vietnam, including Agent Orange and dioxin.


As a student at the UW in Seattle, I dreamt of planes flying overhead, suddenly realizing with alarm that the tiny specks falling from the planes were napalm bombs. I instinctively turned to run and hide, but I was on a broad meadow, and there was no place to hide….


Some doctrines teach that unless one is baptized, or otherwise ‘saved’, one is destined for hell. What about the souls of innocent Vietnamese babies and children who were napalmed to death? Would they be consigned to hell, never having had a chance to be ‘saved’?


Gradually I found a more reasonable understanding, inadvertently following American transcendentalists and eventually leading to the original transcendentalism of the Vedas. That understanding is summarized in the following poem, cobbled together with some revision from several authors.


Just think! Some night the moon will shine

upon a cold gray stone

and trace a name with silver beam, and look!

’twill be your own!


That night is speeding on to greet

your epitaphic rhyme.

Your life is but a tiny beat

within the heart of time.


From body to body our souls speed on.

We seek a new body when the old one is gone.

And the body we find is the fabric we wrought

on the loom of the mind with the threads of our thought.


The tissues of our lives to be 

we weave with colors all our own,

and in the field of destiny 

we reap as we have sown.


Whatever you do, whatever you say

whatever you eat or give away

and all of your work and austerity

“Do it all,” Krishna says,

“As an offering to Me.”


Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare


With apologies to Robert Service and other unknown (to me) authors.


09/16/19 05:26 PM #440    


Al Peffley

Tom -- someone told me recently that I should "lighten up". Please take a little of your own advice to heart and mind...

09/16/19 05:49 PM #441    


Gregg Wilson

Some of us did not need dreams.

09/17/19 11:51 AM #442    

Tom Chavez

Okay, Al, how's this?

09/17/19 11:53 AM #443    

Tom Chavez

Gregg, now I know where you get your physics ideas!

09/17/19 12:25 PM #444    


Al Peffley

Vietnam was a nightmare not a "dream", thanks to LBJ and Robert "Strange" McNamara. JFK did not continue play along with LBJ's political "mafia" (Rockefellers, etc.), so they allowed/enabled a team of evil assasins to eliminate JFK. The investigation report I read and later viewed on a PBS documentary stated that evidence collected at the scene in Dallas indicated that John F. Kennedy was attacked by shots fired from more than one location. This is not hard to believe. JFK had his faults like we all do, but he was a true patriot. I think he demonstrated that he loved the American people and believed in the US Constitution's Bill of Rights. He was an Oath Keeper and an individualist in his political party.

The whole decade was stained with the blood of many people of different cultures worldwide (just like the World Trade Center 9/11 killings.) With the exception of the Muslim-sponsored 9/11 attacks and the world-wide precursor attacks before 9/11, the Vietnam War forever turned America towards Communism and the dysfunctional social and political divisions in America that we have today.

Some of the most prominant leaders in Congress today are part of the Red Diaper Doper Baby Era "spawn" that occured in the Bay Area of California and at many large universities across the country. Fortunately, every 1960's student did not drink the Great Society's "Kool Aid" offered up by the humanist, globalist order politicians and global socialism academic teachers of the day.

It is ironic to me that these global change & control people sometimes use the Holy Bible and US Constitution documents to defend themselves in legal court proceedings where they are the defendent, especially when they publically advertise that they oppose both of the same references as a basis of enforcing established (and they claim unfair) Federal and State laws (Ref.: Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" book & the former Democrat voters' #JustWalkAway movement.)

Many moderate Democrats I have interviewed in the last couple of years say they no longer have a choice of honest people who they desire to be state and national leaders, so they no longer vote! Some former Democrats in the Cowlitz County Precinct that I serve are deciding to vote again, but they have become "Independents" who vote for the person and not the Party. They perceive that both political parties have left them behind for personal gain, not their duty to represent "We The People" in the State Legislature and Congress. There still is hope and determination alive in America. Change is coming, but it is not the change most ambitious politicians and academics anticipated four or five decades ago.

09/17/19 01:17 PM #445    

Tom Chavez

Gregg, you deny the existence of black holes, gravitational warping of space-time fabric, and the validity of Einstein’s theory of relativity, etc. Here are excerpts from the journal Science and National Geographic with a different perspective.


WHAT HAPPENS WHEN a star has a close encounter with a supermassive black hole? It gives astronomers a chance to put Einstein to the test.


By looking at how a star behaves as it whips around the black hole parked in the center of our galaxy, scientists have confirmed that the object’s intense gravitational field puts the brakes on starlight, causing a noticeable delay in its journey through the cosmos. 


As described by general relativity, what we perceive as gravity is the result of an object’s mass curving the fabric of space-time. The theory also states that even light is affected by gravity, and that very massive objects will warp any light moving around them. 


This is why astronomers are so excited about a cluster of stars orbiting the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy, a monster with the mass of four million suns called Sagittarius A*, or SgrA* for short.


“This kind of experiment is the first direct test of how gravity works near a supermassive black hole,” says Andrea Ghez, an astronomer at the University of California, Los Angeles, whose team reports the results today in the journal Science.


It appears that Einstein is once again right, and that alternate theories of gravity, including one developed by Isaac Newton, are ruled out.


The star of this show is called S0-2, and it hurtles around the Milky Way’s supermassive black hole, completing an oval-shaped orbit in just 16 years. At its nearest approach to Sgr A*, the star is screaming through space at roughly 15.5 million miles an hour, or nearly 3 percent the speed of light.


“You really need to know, unambiguously, the shape of the orbit,” Ghez says. “At its closest approach, where the star is experiencing the strongest gravitational field, that’s when you can test Einstein’s theory of general relativity.”


To test general relativity, the team combined measurements of the star’s position in space with observations of its motion along Earth’s line of sight to measure an effect called gravitational redshift.


Put simply, when S0-2 is closest to SgrA*, the black hole acts like a speed bump, slowing down the star’s light as it escapes into the cosmos. The effect shows up as a stretching of S0-2’s light toward less energetic, redder wavelengths.


“Gravitational redshift is fundamentally encoded in the spectroscopy,” says Ghez, who noted that S0-2’s starlight slows down by about 125 miles a second—exactly what Einstein’s equations predict for an object with SgrA*’s gravitational heft. As a bonus, the work more precisely pins down the mass and distance of SgrA*.


Below is a diagram of the stars orbits around the black hole from 1995 to 2018, So-2's orbit is a lighter shade:

09/17/19 01:44 PM #446    

Tom Chavez

Hey, Al! First you ask me to lighten up, and then you come out all riled up politically. We’re 73 years old, Al. How much longer are we going to me here?


Our future depends upon out thoughts, words, and actions, including our future at the time of death. Is this what you want to think about when you leave your body? 


America is temporary, with a beginning and an end, like all material things. The earth and the sun are also temporary. You are an eternal spiritual being. Wouldn’t it be better turn toward spiritual thoughts, to think about God?


Or do you want to come back to America in your next incarnation to set things straight (hopefully)? I sure don’t. Let karma sort it out.

09/17/19 01:56 PM #447    

Tom Chavez

Gregg, here's news that you might like to know about the mass of neutrinos.


Scientists from the University of Washington and other institutions around the world say they’ve reduced the upper limit for the mass of the neutrino by half.


Thanks to findings from the Karlsruhe Tritium Neutrino Experiment, or KATRIN, physicists now know to a 90% confidence level that the neutrino has a rest mass no greater than 1.1 electron volts, or 1.1 eV. The previous upper limit was 2 eV.


Nailing down the neutrino’s mass could solidify scientists’ grasp on the Standard Model, which describes the subatomic world in fine detail. It could also open a path to the mysterious realm beyond the Standard Model.


Neutrinos are among the ghostliest particles in the subatomic zoo. Billions of them pass through our bodies every second, but they’re virtually undetectable.


Scientists and engineers at UW built the spectrometer’s electron-detector system and helped create a suite of analytical software. Other U.S. institutions contributing to the effort include the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Case Western Reserve University and Carnegie Mellon University.

09/17/19 02:47 PM #448    


Gregg Wilson


Number 1: Calvin and I are tight!

Number 2: The axiom is proof positive. I do not have to deny blackholes, fabric of space-time, etc. They have to prove it. Grand Authorities do not determine reality.

Billions of neutrinos pass through our bodies every second but they are undetectable.

Uh huh.

09/17/19 03:02 PM #449    


Gregg Wilson

Hi Al,

I am with you on politics and wars. Yes, the Viet Nam war was a disaster and it did promote communism.


I have retired from politics, etc. I choose to stay off the radar. I live on a farm a bit like my grandfather's farm. I drive through the country side. I don't join any movements, organizations, etc. I have literally retreated to the 1950s. I play with my two dogs; chop down trees; mow grass; build models. And I am content!

Tom is wrong. We are living our only lives.


09/17/19 04:08 PM #450    

Betty Weiks (Rickard)

I know I'm late to the conversation, but I'm thinking it might be a good idea if this conversation were continued in a different format.  Not that your conversation isn't intresting, just that maybe you could exchange email addresses and continue off the Message Forum page.  I'm getting messages here every week and I'm always afraid another of our classmates has died. Hope I'm not offending anyone, but it seems that your conversation is between just a few.  If I'm out to lunch feel free to let me know. 

Betty (Weiks) Rickard

09/17/19 04:25 PM #451    


Linda Pompeo (Worden)

Our class lost friends in Vietnam and those returning from the war have images that won't erase.  I am saddened by those lost and disrupted lives.It is impossible to fully comprehend the significance of what was experienced by those who were there.  My heartfelt prayers go out to all of you.


09/17/19 04:59 PM #452    


Gregg Wilson


You are correct. I can be reached at


09/18/19 09:34 AM #453    

Tom Chavez

Betty, if the purpose of this forum is to announce news of classmates’ deaths, I will respect that. 


Linda, thank you for your prayers and empathy. We all suffer and enjoy according to our actions in this world. Prayer has healthful impact emotionally and physically as has been shown in empirical studies. More importantly, it has spiritual impact. 


Gregg, I admire your detachment and sense of humor and logic, although I don’t agree with your frame of reference or belief system of “axioms”. I have very much enjoyed our exchange.

09/18/19 10:05 AM #454    


Marty Ellison

So now we’ve tackled the weightier issues, who can tell me the name of the photographer who took our yearbook photos?


09/18/19 11:26 AM #455    


Linda Pompeo (Worden)

I have enjoyed the back and forth and differences of opiinion.  Thanks guys for making me look at different ideas.

I would hope, however, that the forum does not remain just for information concerning another lost clasmate.  I would assume that information normally comes up on the classmate profile.

We have all crested that 'hill' (73) and are now on the downside.  I hope that we will all make the most of the years we have left, find peace and contentment each and every day, and that we keep in touch either through the message forum ( in whatever manner is decided), class reunions, or   private messages.

Blessings to each of you.

09/18/19 12:14 PM #456    

David Glass

 My delete button is getting a lot of use lately

09/18/19 12:19 PM #457    


Virginia Wolfe (Scheffer)

I also appreciate this very enlightening conversation.  As one previous posting said, I did not know I was surrounded by such brilliance while in high school.  Even though, I did not quite understand most of the conversation, my interest has been peaked.  One thing I do understand and appreciate is those that have served.  Can't thank you enough.  Without your service we would not be able to have these conversations. So at our young, tender age, that is a good thing indeed!  Bless you all, and this blessed country we live in!

09/18/19 04:26 PM #458    

Betty Weiks (Rickard)

No, Tom, I didn't mean that the only purpose of the Forum was for death announcements! Yikes, I hope not, but for a while it was.  So every time I saw a post in my inbox it gave me pause.  It just seemed a weighty conversation that could be more focused to those bouncing their ideas around.  Linda, and Virginia, I'm glad you are enjoying the different perspectives being shared.  That's always good, and I'm all for it! ust maybe an exchange of emails.  You gentlemen are engaged in a conversation that I feel is way over my pay grade! Brilliance for sure!

In fact I'm wondering if any of our classmates have become interested in longevity and living a healthier lifestyle.  I'm a retired National Board Certified Teacher and now have become very interested in healthy living, as I am aging. About four years ago I became a Certified Healt Coach and have tried to change my lifestyle to reflect my new passion for getting the most out of the years God grants me.  I was overweight and realized I could either have habits of health or habits of disease.  Since then I have really worked at it even to participating with my husband in Sprint Triathlons!  Not trying to say "WOW! LOOK AT ME! Just wondering if there are others in our class who have tried to do the same.

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