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06/05/19 12:41 PM #308    

Ruth Scholtes (Murphy)

Thanks Bill . He waa my first kiss . A short but memorable Jr High  romance.

06/05/19 02:19 PM #309    


Al Peffley

Thank you Bill. I knew of Mike's Naval Air aviation incident and the Naval Air after action report of his loss at sea. Since it was reported that they could not find any remains, then it is interesting that there is a burial site listed. I was in the process of being transferred to NAS Whidbey when Miike and his fighter plane were lost at sea. We had no VA Squadron Corsair A-7's at Whidbey in 1970, to my recollection. Whidbey was the home base for A-6 Intruder (nuclear weapon capable fighter/attack bombers), EA-6B (Signal Disruption/Active Electronic Counter Measures Interdiction), S-2 Viking (Anti-Submarine Warfare - I don't remember a whole squadron there), and helo (ASW dipping sonar) carrier-deployed aircraft squadrons. VP squadrons like I flew in were only operated out of land airfields (no "tail hook" capability). Thanks for sharing Mike's military photo - it is a really good picture of Mike.

The Corsair II was a new multimisson, fighter/bomber "work horse" for the Navy & Marines in the mid-1960's during the Vietnam Conflict and into the 1980's. I worked with an engineer at Ling Temco Vought in 1986 at Dallas, Texas who flew Navy Corsair II's in combat missions over Vietnam. LTV produced the Corsair parts in New England and later moved the whole program to Dallas, Texas for final production after the full merger with Ling-Temco (corrected history statement - 05Jun19). I did not think to ask the engineer if he knew of Mike's demise or personally flew with Mike. Even if Mike was able to eject, the chances of surviving the night mission mishap at that latitiude and ocean temperature if he was injured are slim to none. It is something we all accepted while performing flight missions out over the Pacific Ocean.


06/06/19 10:39 AM #310    


Marty Ellison

Sadly, Mike’s loss was the first of many I experienced in my career in the Navy.  As it turned out, Class 29-68 of the Navy flight training school in Pensacola had 4 Highline grads from the class of ‘64.  Mike, John Leonard, Bruce Mennella, and me.  All finished training and went on to fly off carriers.  Mike and John to the East coast, Brice and I to the West coast.  Photo below I took during Officer Candidate training in Sept, 1968. 



06/06/19 12:50 PM #311    

Steve Morris

Achtung, Reunionaires - There will be a Friday nite pre-reunion function at Angelo's Resaurant, 601 SW 153 St, Burien, starting at 5 PM. Be there or be square!

06/06/19 01:46 PM #312    


Tim Jones (Jones)

Thanks for the pictures of Mike. His parents and my folks were close friends. Mike and I had paper routes out of the same paper station for a year or more (probably age 13-14.  I knew Mike at Highline but wasn't a close friend. Interesting four Highline grades in one Naval Air school. 

06/07/19 12:20 AM #313    


Linda Pompeo (Worden)

It's a great picture Marty.

Thank you

06/07/19 11:51 AM #314    


Tom Nixon

As a response to Marty’s post......there were actually 5 of us from our class training at Pensacola in ‘68 and ‘69. I arrived in June ( my class number was 6-28-68?) and had a rocky time with a knee that had been operated on 6 months prior. I finished my T 34 training at Saufley in early ‘69 but soon after washed out of the program because of the knee. After 3 surgeries, finally had it replaced a number of years ago.

I remember bumping into John in the chow line once early in training but no memory of seeing the others. I was held back several times so I lagged everyone by the time I got to flight training.

But I did know that 5 of us from the same class at HHS were training together. I was working for a few weeks in the PR department on base (while getting treatment for my knee) and mentioned it to somebody and they did a short story about us in the base paper. Of course I never kept a copy. Dummy!

Always have regretted not continuing in the Navy but if I had, I would never have met my wife of 49 years......

07/03/19 07:58 PM #315    


Gregg Wilson

Richard Gumerman died on March 19, 2019 of cancer. He served in the US Navy as an officer and later practiced many years as a mechanical engineer.

07/04/19 02:17 PM #316    


Ken Becker

I’m sorry to hear of the passing of Rick Gummerman. We had math together for 3 years at HHS, and were in the same Mechanical Engineering class at UW. Gregg’s post reminded me that Rick, Dick Bock &I did a design project together when we were juniors. None of us could type, so I talked a cute girl in my dorm into typing it up for us (I think my copy is in the basement somewhere).  The cute girl was named, Judy, & we’ve been married 48 years.   R.I.P., Rick. 

07/05/19 12:34 PM #317    


Al Peffley

Sorry to hear about Rick's passing (especially since he had cancer, because of the painful and drawn-out consequences for Rick and his family.) It is surprising to me how many of my classmates joined (or were drafted into) the US Navy and Marines Corps for military service commitment.

I worked with Dick Bock at Boeing Aerospace on space and defense programs. Dick and I both worked in Parametric Cost Estimating on R&D program proposals and evaluations at the Kent Space Center. Did Rick work for Boeing during his engineering career?

07/05/19 01:38 PM #318    


Gregg Wilson

Rick did not work at Boeing. After his discharge from the Navy, he married and moved to Missouri. I believe he worked on building design and such things as air conditioning, etc.

Rick and I were buddies from the 7th grade through college. I last met him in 1970.

07/15/19 03:54 AM #319    


Al Peffley

It is too bad that the 55th Reunion has turned out to cost so much. As people get older and their health seems to begin to fade, most of us don't tend to spend as much on entertainment and socialize as much as we use to a decade or two ago. The pocket book gets a little tighter for many of us who had a meager savings set aside (especially after the market technology/.com stocks crash) for retirement, and we are all confronted with increasing health expenses. Many people have also settled down in a retirement community a long way away from Burien and Puget Sound.

Maybe we could reserve the Normandy Park Cove Hall, or a cook shack with a group activity recreation area and a summer pinic theme if we have a future reunion get together? There are lots of beautiful park areas not far away from Seattle to host an outdoor reunion in the Pacific Northwest. Maybe some of the stress of planning and putting a deposit on facilities for the event may be relieved? A pot luck feed would work fine for us.

Just some thoughts after reading Gary's post today. Bon and I have made our reservations. Hope to see y'all there. It seems our alumni ranks are beginning to thin quickly. I was glad I attended the 50th to visit with Fred Grabos for the last time -- we had a great heart-to-heart talk together, I miss him. You never know who won't be able to attend the next reunion...

07/15/19 11:02 AM #320    


Tom Nixon


Al, I’m not so sure the cost of the reunion is the cause for the low turnout thus far. I think people have other things going on in the summer with travel, family and other interests........those interests may not include a class reunion. Plus many people live out of the area and it’s not convenient to attend. Not sure of the easiest way to contact Gary K but if there is a personal shortfall financially at his end, I’ll assist him. And I hope others will step up too. He shouldn’t have to take a significant financial hit because of a lack of interest by his classmates. Thanks Gary for your time and leadership over the years.



07/15/19 04:15 PM #321    

Linda Johnson (Martin)

The park idea sounds great, as does the potluck, but for "out of towners" lilke me, the conveneince of staying where the reunion is and not having to worry about travel elsewhere is a plus. And trying to provide food when you are staying at a hotel would be hard.   Maybe the buffet and/or the bar can be eliminated to cut costs?  Not sure if this would be an option, but it popped into my head so thought I'd share.  I think we would all try to do whatever it takes to keep this going.  All you have to do is ask, Gary...Already some good ideas coming in, so at least the brainstorming has begun.  L.

07/16/19 12:09 AM #322    


Linda Pompeo (Worden)

First of all, a big thank you to Gary and ? for all of the work that has gone into each reunion since we graduated.  A lot of work, and probably a big headache along with it.  

Perhaps a year or so prior to the next big get-together there could be a request for suggestions from  classmates, and a vote on the final couple of ideas.  Along with that, Gary. please reach out and see who would like to volunteer to help with part of the planning and execution.

If the cost of this years reunion does not end up being covered by participants, put a note on the message forum and those that are able to contribute, (whether a little or a lot), can help pick up the remainder.

Again.....thank you for all of the time and effort put into arranging the reunions.

07/16/19 01:00 AM #323    


Gregg Wilson

The cost to Gary is already a fact. We can contribute to his cost by paying at this reunion. Gary has been carrying this burden for many years, while I haven't done squat.

07/16/19 12:00 PM #324    


Virginia Wolfe (Scheffer)

Thank you to all those that have put on these reunions.  I have truely enjoyed them and hope to go to more in the future wherever they may be.  Beer and pretzels are just fine! To me, it's all about going back a few years to our younger days.  Great memories for all.  Sadly we have lost too many along the way. May they all rest in peace.  Let's try to keep these memories going!  

07/16/19 05:37 PM #325    


Lynn Britton

I agree with everyone else.  Gary thank you for your work and I also am willing to help with your out of pocket if it gets to that.  Maybe we should go back to the Cove in the future like we did a few reunions ago.  I'm guessing it would be a lot less $$$.  It was a great success last time.  Lynn

07/16/19 07:48 PM #326    


Ronald Goodmansen

I am a maybe for this reunion but I surely will contribute to fund it.

07/16/19 08:37 PM #327    


Lynn Britton

Steve Morris, Angelo's needs you to call them about the get together.  You can add my wife and I to the attendees.  Lynn 



07/16/19 08:40 PM #328    


Al Peffley

Gary, I think you have done a great effort at making these reunions a success in the past. I hope I did not come across as being ungrateful for your heart-felt dedication to organizing HHS reunions. My point on cost was not the cost of tickets to the attendees but the up-front money you are required to come up with for reserving a large hotel facility location along with a buffet dinner and open bar. I have also planned and helped manage several events at the SEATAC Red Lion for non-profit organizations. I also know that last-minute attendees may not get dinner, but will still have to pay a basic entry fee to cover the contract commitments with the host facility.

For-profit organization sponsored events are a business expense write-off to the sponsoring organization, and all big hotel chains create contracts mostly based on selling commercial business events. Therefore, many hotels require the same expensive down-payment requirements to a non-profit. That puts a bigger liability burden on you if you signed the standard contract. I think from the comments posted here that the attendees and some others who cannot attend will help you out with added expenses that you have already committed to for this event. Keep us informed.

The number of attendees in the future will continue to lessen mostly due to classmate deaths, more frequent family summer vacations with children & grandchildren, and diminishing health issues. If you can find a meeting hall near a motel or a smaller hotel convention center like the Shilo Inn offers that will help you arrange catering by a pre-paid meal agreement (with an ordering cut-off date) instead of an open buffet, then down payment and up-front costs should come down. I understand why you wanted to be near the airport but, you should not have to assume a $2,700 liability on this type of social event. Prearranged Uber, Lyft and airport shuttles for use by people flying in are good options.

I think all of us who are still alive and kicking will help out in some way on this reunion expense and future ones. We just need a little more advanced information about the facility contract commitments, final attendee count fluctuation options (to much or not enough food can be an pesky issue), and maybe establishing some type of reserve fund to donate to for future event down payments.

Just some thoughts...

07/17/19 11:37 AM #329    

Ruth Scholtes (Murphy)

I also want to thank Gary for all  the work he is doing  and has done for us. I will be sending a donation to the address on the web site .I will not be attending but wish  you all a great time this weekend. Cheers . Ruth Scholtes Murphy

07/17/19 12:13 PM #330    

Theron Wood

I too would like to thank you for all that you and others do for our Class of 64.
I want to let you know that I will be glad to chip in to help with the shortfall. I personally am not able to come as in the last minute, I have family from out of state arriving to visit as they are traveling through the area.
How many classmates signed up so far? If 100 classmates donated $27.00 each, that would cover the $2700.00 shortfall. Just a thought. Again, I will be glad to help out.


07/18/19 07:17 PM #331    


Al Peffley

Gary sent an email out today saying the Catering Manager at the hotel allowed him to reduce the expected head count down from 140 planned to 100 guests for the meal and bar. THAT IS GOOD NEWS. Now let's hope that we have more attendees paying at the door. He still may need a little help from us after Saturday.

07/20/19 11:52 AM #332    


Linda Pompeo (Worden)

Thank you Steve and Gary for a most enjoyable Friday night get-together.

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